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Trick University // My Trip to Philadelphia

When I received the news that I needed to book a ticket to Philly, I was pumped. I spent a weekend covering the world’s first Hyper Trick University Athlete Camp & Instructor Certification and I was there to document it happening. I decided to stay an extra few days because Philadelphia also happens to be home to several members of the Hyper Crew.

Trick University Promotional Reel

I’m a huge fan of Dan Perez. Dan Perez is the expert when it comes to teaching martial arts tricking. He’s broken down the acrobatics into a system of simple and safe methodology. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working with Dan and Hyper Martial Arts to create his Hyper Trick School program. Recently, Dan held his first ever Hyper Trick University athlete workshop and instructor certification in Philadelphia. This video was filmed, edited and published within 72 hours of the event. The athlete photos were completed within 24 hours.

Hyper Trick University athletes
Sample of the Check-In photos from the 2015 Philadelphia Hyper Trick University workshop & certification


Social Media Wars

While Sharon and I were holding down the fort in Philly, Jason Morgan & Roland Osborne were in Houston putting together the next big project for Hyper Fight Club. Keeping up with Roland Osborne is no easy feat, but I tried my best to keep him on his toes through social media.

It started out with a photo of Roland chillin in the VIP United Club, while I was simultaneously in another airport slumming it in the food court.

Roland Osborne at airport

Jacob Wolfman at airport

Then things got a little more serious when Roland posted a photo of a Canon C100 on a Movi camera stabilizer valued somewhere around $5-$8K. Not to be out-done, I was lucky enough to be hanging out with Simon Lok, owner of a Epic Red Dragon camera on a Letus Helix, valued somewhere in the ballpark of $30-$50K.

Roland Osborne holding camera

Jacob Wolfman holding Epic Red Dragon camera

Suffice to say, I think I won that round. Thanks Simon. 😉

*The comment in the video where I say ‘I have metal arms’ is a reference to the movie Grandma’s Boy.

Fun in Philly

The event was a huge success. I stayed around for a couple extra days to get some work done with our Graphics team: Ray & Jason. It started off like any other day where we’re working together — at a fancy coffee shop.
Hyper Media Team: Jacob Wolfman, Jason Morgan, Ray Parker
Eventually we needed a break so headed down the street to the “Barcade”. Yes, a bar plus an arcade.
Hyper Crew at Barcade in Philadelphia
To answer your question, yes they had Ninja Turtles, and yes we played it as far as our $5 in quarters would carry us.
Ninja Turtles Arcade
Had to take a break from video games and move onto beer. You’ve got to keep your eye on Jason when you’re trying to take a selfie.

And we did a bit more work the next day.   Hyper Philly Lab And I ended my trip with a simple, but revolutionizing meal that I wish they had were I live… it’s the consequence of a sushi prepared like a burrito. SUSHIRRITO! They make them faster than a burger or a sub for the same price but twice the value on freshness and ingredients.

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