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Hyper Pro Camp 2015 // Huntington Beach, CA

It’s August, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for Hyper Pro Camp! After a busy weekend in Washington DC, it was time to hop over to the west coast to cover one of the best martial arts camp experiences for kids in the world.

Landing in Cali

  Trying to make it on ESPN’s Sports Nation We had some downtime before the campers showed up. Danny Etkin, Jackson Rudolph and I tried to come up with some funky ideas to get noticed by ESPN. It didn’t exactly turned out how we wanted, but it was fun! This was one of the most popular clips ever posted on HyperMA’s instagram account.

To be fair, we did try this quite a few other times. Here is one of the attempts that didn’t make the cut. 🙂

Rocking Out At Camp

We set up the event, opened the doors, and let the campers rock out. Here are some of the highlights.

Filming on the AirBoard

I had a chance to use an ‘AirBoard’ (thanks Jacob Pinto!) — it’s actually goes by a lot of different names, but in my circle of people it’s most popularly known as the AirBoard. It’s a self-balancing motorized sideways skateboard… that’s about the best way to describe it. Mix this with a camera and suddenly you’ve got some really amazing gliding shots that you just could not get any other way. Here’s a clip of me having some fun on this thing.

Photoshoots for Campers

One of the benefits of going to Hyper Pro Camp is that you get a series of really cool photos for your social media pages. Check these collages of photos I took.

Saturday Night Beach Session

Saturday night ended the camp in a bang. We had beach sessions, photoshoots, art murals, and even a concert to wrap up the night.

Mural Timelapse – I set my iPhone down and set it to timelapse to capture this awesome mural being created right on location.

Artwork on the beach last night at #HyperProCamp #HyperMA

A video posted by Jacob Wolfman (@jacobwolfman) on

Just hanging at the Beach with 100 of our closest friends #HyperProCamp @eltoro215 Hyper Mural — Tricks, Sun & Fun!!

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Hanging out with the crew
After camp ended, the Hyper Crew and Pros had a chance to kick back and relax.
Volleyball Session

Sunday morning volleyball session. Losing team had to bust out push-ups. #HyperProCamp #HyperMA

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Acqi Bowls with the crew

Huge Opening Moves at the Pier in New Port

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