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Jacob Wolfman Portfolio

Jacob Wolfman Videography Portfolio

Jacob Wolfman specializes in a unique skill set catered specifically to martial arts schools. Jacob Wolfman grew up training martial arts, competing, teaching, and even working the front office. Since his martial arts training days, Jacob Wolfman has focused his skill set on web and video communication. With an Associates Degree in Web Programming and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, plus over a decade of experience filming martial arts videos and building martial arts social media channels (HyperMA, Martial Arts Athlete, Hyper Bully Defense & Fight ClubFlippin the Script!, OldSkoolKarate), Jacob has created a career fusing his passions for web, video and martial arts into a new type of job he’s dubbed “the Martial Media Artist”. Here is a portfolio of some of the work Jacob has filmed over the years.

Social media Portfolio

Legacy Martial Arts

Before I started working with Legacy, their online presence was in bad shape. I helped Legacy Martial Arts from hardly scratching the surface of the Google Rankings to being listed number 1 as well as most of the entire first page of search terms for their community. The combination of good seo practices and quality content has made the internet their number one source for leads, with zero marketing dollars put into advertising. It’s all organic and the students love it.

Hyper Martial Arts

Hyper Martial Arts has quickly risen to become the world’s largest youth martial arts company in the world. In 2013, I joined forces with Hyper to help expand their brand to new audiences. In the last several years, Hyper has seen a more than 200% growth rate annually on YouTube and Instagram, and has accumulated more than 50,000 additional fans on Facebook. Today HyperMA is the leader in social media marketing practices in the martial arts industry.

Flippin the Script!

Flippin the Script! was a hobby project that launched Jacob Wolfman’s career as a ‘martial media artist’. Jacob traveled around the United States filming martial arts tricking. Flippin the Script! is now one of the most well known martial arts tricking brands in the history of the sport.


In the early days of YouTube, Jacob Wolfman ran a social experiment. He wanted to know what type of audience he could draw in if he uploaded one video per day every day of old competition videos. He created OldSkoolKarate. While the channel never grew to massive size, within the martial arts community it was well respected and opened the doors to the path he’s on now. If you are a martial artist, it is very likely at some point you have seen a video from this channel.



This is Jacob Wolfman. Thanks for checking out my work. I’ll admit, I’m always a little embarrassed to show any videos that are more than a few months old because my skill set is constantly progressing and I always feel I’ve improved a great deal since the previous project I worked on. I specialize in filming, editing, publishing and marketing content or martial arts business schools. If you are looking for a commercial for your martial arts school, a highlight reel for your demo team, a personal sizzle reel for yourself, or any creative video projects that you think would work well with my interests, please contact me through email ( or Facebook. Hint, Facebook will be faster than email. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

Jacob Wolfman