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Welcome to Anchor Hacks!

Hi everyone. My name is Jacob Wolfman and I just love the Anchor platform. It’s such a richer experience being able to literally share your voice on social media. The conversations are more engaging, the gimmicks and the ploys are more difficult to pull off… the community is full of real people who want to talk about… well, whatever people like to talk about. At the time of this writing, Anchor is still brand new and there is so much to explore. Every time I find a new trick, a new hack, a new cool little idea for how to use the platform, I like to share it in waves that I call ‘Anchor Hacks’. Here you can find some of my most popular and important Anchor Hacks and hopefully get you started off on the right foot. Please remember, ‘hacks’ that work today, might not work the same in the future. Always check to see when some of the more trickier strategies are given. The developers are always on their A-game, working overtime to make the need for little hacks like these to be a thing of the past. I love hearing feedback and new strategies for how you or others are using this platform so please find me on Anchor and share your voice.

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