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Travel. Film. Edit. Repeat. About The Man Named Jacob Wolfman. The Martial Media Artist.

Jacob Wolfman
Hello. You’ve reached Jacob Wolfman.

Hello. I’m Jacob Wolfman. You may know me as the Media Director for Hyper Martial Arts, or as the creator of Flippin the Script!, the documentary filmmaker of It’s Called Tricking, the man behind OldSkoolKarate, the guy on Twitter known as @tobornumah, or that guy from the bar. I’m a documentary YouTube filmmaker, a professional Instagram photographer, social media influencer, martial arts tricking ambassador, world traveling aspiring vagabond, progressive minded, business-savvy conservative hippy. Thanks for stopping in to say hi.

A Brief History So Far About Jacob Wolfman

I grew up in possibly the best state in the United States. Yes, I’m speaking about Wisconsin. In 2004 I was 17 years old and obsessed with martial arts. I also had a passion for media, being stubborn, and making it big. Mind you, these were the days before ‘YouTube’, but I knew back then that were would be a day martial arts and media would merge, and that was going to be my ticket to making a name.

Jacob Wolfman holds camera
My college roommate’s camera I borrowed to help me film “It’s Called Tricking”

Fast forward circa 2010. It was my final year of college. I was about to graduate with a degree in Communication Arts, the study of TV, radio and film, from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Knowing that nobody with a degree that ‘liberal’ makes it out alive, I figured I would need to create something to show the big shots in Hollywood that I was worth being hired for at least an internship. During this time, I was taking what I thought to be a blow-off class called “Hip Hop Through Martial Arts”… yes, that’s an actual class at a Big Ten University… and it turned out to be the most significant class of my college career. It reunited me with an old friend that I knew from my martial arts training days, who lead me to having an opportunity to host a martial arts tricking idol of mine. Martial Arts Tricking had hardly formed it’s identity and there wasn’t must about it anywhere in the world. It’s as if everything was coming together to create an opportunity for me to create the world’s first feature length documentary about this need subculture/sport/discipline/art/self-expressive-ninja-flipping amazing lifestyle. I spent the rest of 2010 between classes traveling the United States, meeting the top of athletes of the sport and developing my film. Mind you, I did this with absolutely zero dollars, no camera equipment or a computer powerful enough to edit the project. This was all done through friends and resources available at my college. The film “It’s Called Tricking” was released a month prior to my graduation from college in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. It changed my life and within a few weeks of graduation, I was off to Hollywood. Internship accomplished.

Jacob Wolfman red carpet
One of my rare ‘red carpet’ appearances. I never took anything in Hollywood seriously.

The internship ended up being a big bust. Turns out, people in Hollywood are a little off their rocker. I spent the next three years in Los Angeles, building up my YouTube channel, ‘Flippin the Script!’ to an internationally recognized and respected channel amongst trickers worldwide. It was and continues to be a great source of pride of mine for creating that channel as well as the film.


Flippin the Script! t-shirts.
Flippin the Script! t-shirts.

What’s Going On Now with Jacob Wolfman

Jacob Wolfman - Media Director for Hyper Martial Arts

Today I’m the Media Director for a brand which I’ve been publicly supportive since day 1. Hyper Martial Arts in the short period it’s been around has quickly grown into the world’s largest youth martial arts lifestyle brand. Through Hyper I’ve traveled the world and met some of the most inspirational martial arts athletes. I’ve worked with professional filmmakers on Hollywood Blvd and I’ve joined a team of really smart and dedicated people who are the best at what they do. My time with Hyper has always been very inspirational.

Shooting a commercial for Actor & Martial Arts Instructor Mike Moh (Ryu from Street Fighter)
Shooting a commercial for Actor & Martial Arts Instructor Mike Moh (Ryu from Street Fighter)

Aside from Hyper, I also do side projects, primarily with Martial Arts schools around the United States. It’s amazing to be able to give back to my roots and work with people who are respectful, disciplined, focused, and sincere – something most businesses lack but martial arts strongly encourages.

What’s Coming Up for Jacob Wolfman

I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t go by the status quo. You’ll find me on the bleeding edge. My thought are far more progressive than most. My career objectives are idealistic. My business-minded vagabond lifestyle perplexes most people. But whatever you find me doing, wherever it may be, the gameplan is quite simple: Travel. Film. Edit. Repeat.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me.

– Jacob Wolfman